Thursday, November 24, 2011

Seedy Lemon Berry Muffins - Yum!

Today, after dinner, I had a hankering for some muffins.  Plus, I figured it would give me the opportunity to use up the last of some stuff that has been sitting in my freezer.

I used the Cranberry Seed Muffins recipe from Canadian Living as the base.

However, I didn't have any oranges in the house, so I used lemon rind.  I also didn't measure the lemon rind - I just grated into the bowl until it felt like enough.
I only had 1 cup of cranberries, but I had 1 cup of frozen mixed berries as well, so I substituted that in too.
As for the buttermilk? Well, I almost never have buttermilk in the house, but you can easily substitute by mixing some vinegar into regular milk (which I did).

The result? Well, delicious smelling Seedy Lemon Berry Muffins!
And the close-up!

I think next time, I may add poppy seeds in addition to the sunflower & pumpkin seeds!


  1. Really? Vinegar into regular (are we talking 2%?) milk? What's the ratio?

    Oh - and your muffins look yummy :)

    How's the baby building going?

    Yup, buttermilk substitute. You need about 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to one cup of regular milk. I usually use 2%.
    The baby building is going pretty good :) Although if you have any product recommendations, I'll be glad to hear them!