Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Month of Illness

I realized today that it has been about a month since I last posted - and that my last post was brief, to say the least.  One of the main reasons I haven't been posting is that I've been taken down by what we refer to in this household as 'daycare plague'.   It is really hard to get the energy to post something when your sinuses feel like they haven't stopped exploding for about a month.  The kicker is that the baby has been fine for the most part - just a little boogery.

I haven't done a lot of cooking or baking worth writing about the last while, mostly due to time constraints.  The big batch of baking I last did was for the baby's first birthday.  I made banana cake cupcakes with cream cheese icing, chocolate cupcakes and applesauce cake cupcakes.  This was in addition to the fruit, veggie, cheese and pickle trays we did for the party.

The baby had the banana cake for her first birthday cake.  She ate all the icing from the top, took two bites of the actual cupcake and the asked for more icing!  Cheeky little monkey.

All-in-all, she had a good day, with visits from some of her baby friends.  Unfortunately, we had to cancel the afternoon with family on her actual birthday, due to daycare plague.

I knew that starting the baby in daycare would result in a lot more germs coming home, but I was not expecting quite this much mucousy-gross-ness in my life.  If you are looking forward to small children in your life in future, be forewarned.

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  1. Sorry the daycare plague has done so much damage. That is no fun at all.

    Glad your little cutie enjoyed some birthday icing! That is adorable! :)