Tuesday, April 23, 2013

We're Getting a Barbeque!

Partner's birthday is in the summer.  Last year, I did not get him a very good present.  I had a 4 month old baby at that point, and there was no freaking way I was going to the mall.  Finding time to order something good online was a little bit hard to accomplish in between naps at that point as well.

Since I'm now back at work, and the baby is a little bit older, I figured I needed to get partner a good present to make up for last year.  The recent change in weather inspired me as well.

I did a whole bunch of internet research, and have ordered a Broil King Crown 20 barbeque grill!

Seeing as how our current barbeque is a camping stove, this is very exciting.  Partner is already planning on getting himself some steaks, and I'm thinking of ways to make tasty vegetarian things to cook on the new grill when it arrives.

If you have any suggestions or links for tasty vegetarian barbeque recipes, feel free to share them!

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  1. He must be happy! BBQ is the best! Great gift Tasha! :)