Tuesday, July 30, 2013

End of July Garden Update

Since it is now mid-garden season here, I thought I would give a little update on how things are going in the yard.

The overall answer is pretty good, despite some small skirmishes with urban wildlife!

As you can see, the oregano has pretty much exploded, and the rosemary isn't doing to shabbily either!

The blueberries are also doing alright.  The one not pictured had a fight with one of the feral cats which did some digging next to it, but I managed to replant it a little deeper, and it is doing fine.  I won't be getting any berries this year, but I might next summer!

Creeping thyme flowers.  They are super teeny & my camera just did not want to focus on them.

Here you can see the chives and the creeping thyme, surrounded by hostas & daylilies.  They're in there pretty good, and I don't forsee having any problems with them.

Hosta flowers.  Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of hostas.  However, the large ones in this bed have put out some pretty spectacular flowers.

Okay.  So daylilies aren't totally boring.  They're kinda pretty.  I just wish there weren't so many of them in my garden!

Three of four strawberry plants are doing excellently, and are starting to set out shoots!  The fourth one - I'm not sure what happened with it (I may have planted it a little high) so it isn't doing great, but it is definitely hanging on.  I'm hoping it survives the winter, 'cause its buddies look like they'll have no problems with that.  Plus, delicious strawberries in my belly!

The back planter has clearly exploded with goodness.  It is like a jungle in a box.

Radish flowers, because no matter what I do, some of the little blighters always manage to go to seed on me, rather than producing good roots.  That being said, we have gotten to enjoy some of both kinds of radish (French Breakfast and Easter Egg)

The chocolate mint & spearmint are in a battle for the ages!  Who will win? Me! They'll eventually become tea, but we've also been throwing them into curries and things.

Globe basil is starting to flower.  I just can't keep up with them.  Hopefully, I'll manage to get at least a little pesto out of them.

The cilantro has also gotten quite big, much to the guinea pigs delight.  They love this stuff.

Thai basil flowers.  Thai basil is great stuff, especially in soup.  Plus, the flowers are tiny & lovely.

Golden cherry tomatoes.  I suspect I will end up having to race the raccoons for these.

Little finger carrots.  Something (I suspect squirrels) dug up most of my first planting.  Some of the second ones have come in, but now they're fighting with the beans & tomatoes for light.

Chioggia beets.  They suffered alongside the carrots.  I'm hoping that the few which survived get to a decent size by the end of the season.

Corno di Toro sweet peppers.  They're doing super-well, and I can't wait to try them!  I'm growing long cayenne peppers in the opposite corner of the planter to these & they're also doing great.

Black Krim tomatoes.  These are a beefsteak variety from Eastern Europe.  It is putting out quite a few flowers, so I'm hoping the raccoons don't steal too many of them.

Green beans.  I forget which variety I'm growing this year, but we've already eaten a fair amount of these and the yellow wax beans I'm growing.

How are your gardens doing?  


  1. Looks bountiful - I'm jealous! I didn't manage to get any food in the ground this year :(

    1. Thanks Skwishee! It is never too late to plant some herb seeds in a pot ;)