Friday, May 16, 2014

The Garden 2014: A Start

The raised planter and some of the pots.  There are so many seedlings in this photo!

Gardening - it is a thing that I do sometimes.  I'm pretty lazy, so I don't always weed when I should, or remember to water consistently, and I have a toddler 'helper', so it is generally not worthy of a magazine photoshoot.  However, it is something that brings me pleasure, especially the bit where the food parts ripen and I get to eat them.  Plus, the toddler seems to enjoy being outside with her little gardening tools, digging holes and yelling "I help! I do it!"

I've planted stuff out back in the last few weekends, laughing (carefully, while knocking on wood, just in case) at the prospect of a late frost.  As gardens are always a work in progress, especially when you inherit a space, we're still working out some placement issues.  This means that there are still seed packets on my kitchen table, and empty pots in the shed.

Here is a little list of what is already in the ground (most seeds and seedlings I purchased from Urban Harvest, although a few seedlings came from one of the convenience stores near my home).

  • Broccoli
  • Celery
  • Mountain Princess Tomato (it is a determinate, so it is in a pot.  We'll see how it goes)
  • Isis Candy Cherry Tomato (isn't that a great name?  Apparently, the individual tomatoes ripen in all different colours. Whee!)
  • a rainbow pack of carrot seeds (including: Atomic Red, Cosmic Purple, Lunar White, Scarlet Nantes and Solar Yellow)
  • Six Week Bush Beans
  • Sugar Daddy Sugar Snap Peas
  • French Breakfast Radishes
  • Watermelon Radishes (not yet planted, but these are neat.  They are green inside instead of white, so they look like little watermelons)
  • Lipstick Sweet Red Pepper
  • Onions - I planted Evergreen Bunching Onion seeds, but something dug up that patch, so I planted yellow onion seedlings in the same area.  Hopefully, I'll get both!
  • A 'Lucious Lettuce' variety seed pack of lettuces
  • Dwarf Nasturtium
  • potatoes, that I took from our produce delivery box
  • French fingerling potatoes 
  • A new second blueberry plant (one of the two I planted last year got attacked by local wildlife and did not survive)
  • Two new strawberry plants (about half the existing strawberry patch did not survive the winter)
  • A sunflower mix (not yet planted)

I also added to the herbs.  The chives, oregano, thyme and lavender all survived the winter.  New is:

  • garden sage
  • spicy globe basil
  • dark opal basil
  • cinnamon basil (what can I say? I'm apparently a sucker for basil) 
  • and an additional bit of lavender.

Are you planting anything this season?


  1. Looking good buddy! We are having a late start to the season... There were still frost warnings here last week. Boo. We have some beans and tomatoes started inside and will hopefully be able to get them growing outdoors soon.