Thursday, December 13, 2012

Have I Talked to You About Toaster-Tarts?

Have I talked to you lovely folks about toaster tarts yet?  Specifically, homemade toaster tarts?  They're super easy to make, and really convenient for breakfast or snacks on busy days.

All you need is a good pie/tart crust recipe, some jam, an egg, and some icing sugar & water to make frosting.  When choosing a crust recipe, you want to pick something that will be a little more solid, rather than flaky, since you want the tart to hold up in the toaster.

Roll out your dough into a large retangle about 1/8" thick, and then cut it into as many 3" x 4" rectangles as you can.  Match up pairs of rectangles that are about the same size & shape, brush both with some beaten egg, blob about a tablespoon of jam into the middle of one, and then plop the matching one on top and seal the edges with a fork.  If you've decided to do icing, mix the icing sugar with water until you get the consistency you want, and spoon it over the top of the tarts.
When all your rectangles are done, bake about 10-15 minutes, or until just lightly toasted (the idea is to make sure they're cooked, but to finish the final few minutes in the toaster later - unless, of course, you want to eat them now.  Then bake until fully toasted!).

The best part of making your own toaster tarts is that you can choose whichever flavour you like, especially if you make your own jams & jellies.  Even if you don't, there are a lot of great, good quality jams out there to use for the filling.

Half the batch I made recently (pictured above) were made with the peach-blueberry freezer jam I made earlier this summer.  The other half were made with my dad's homemade red currant jam.  I have one more tart left from the previous batch (made with strawberry-blueberry jam) before I can dig into the new ones.  I'm sure they'll be tasty when I finally do get to enjoy them!

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