Thursday, January 3, 2013

Randomly, the New Year: Hello 2013!

Once again, the days have slipped by me, and we're a few days into the new year.

I actually managed to complete four homemade presents this year!  I was very impressed with myself.  I usually only manage one homemade present. 
I made my dad a bunch of spice blends and sauce/soup bases.  My brother got a homemade scarf knit in a Shaker rib, which should help keep him warm this winter.  My lovely cousin-in-law got a crochet infinity scarf that I'm quite proud of, only I forgot to take a photo of it!  Then, my other cousin-in-law's three kiddos each got a little amiguri-style blob alien-monster.  Those I did remember to photograph!

Aren't they cute?  They were super quick, easy and the pattern was free!  The little cousins seemed to enjoy them too.

Of course, this being the new year means that I'm that much closer to returning to work and let me tell you I am freaking out.  We're still in the process of confirming daycare arrangements for the wee one (which is in itself a stressful endeavour.  It makes me wish for a return to Medieval or Renaissance times when most peasants worked out of their homes with the kids underfoot).  Things, of course, have changed at work while I've been away the past year.  I've changed while I've been away from work the past year.

I'm going to have to adjust to talking to grown-ups for most of the day.  Grown-ups who won't be easily distracted if I lose my train of thought mid-sentence by my singing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" or blowing zerberts on their bellies.  Well, they'd be distracted, but they'd probably think that I've lost my mind.  Which I fear I may have done.  Eep.

Everyone tells me that it'll be fine.  Fingers crossed that the adjustment will be a smooth one!

In any event, I hope that you all had a lovely holiday season and I wish a better world for us all in the coming year.


  1. I'm thinking about you Tasha! I also have my fingers crossed for a smooth adjustment for your return to work. I can't believe it is so soon. xoxo