Monday, May 20, 2013

Finally, Gardening! Woo!

The weather here, right up until recently, was seriously inconsistent.  It would be really warm for two days, then the temperature would drop and it would rain/hail/generally suck for a few days.
That is basically par for the course for spring in this part of Canada.

Last summer was our first summer in this house, and we didn't do diddly with the backyard.  At one point, you  may have considered looking for lost civilizations in there.  However, toward the end of last summer, we finally got it cleaned up thanks to some help from some family, and we've managed to stay on top of it for the most part.

This has allowed me to actually start to plan out what i want to do back there.  I've ordered two 4'x4' raised planter bed thingys from a major retailer in anticipation of getting started this long weekend, but I have been thwarted!  They were supposed to be here by the 19th at the latest, but nothing has happened since my order confirmation.
I've spoken to some very nice people on the phone, who also have no idea what is going on in their warehouse.

I hope it gets sorted soon because I have vegetables I need to plant!

In the meantime, I've made due by planting some herbs in one of the existing beds which is currently full of hostas & daylillies.  I put in some chives, creeping thyme, and oregano.  In addition, I've got some pots going - one of rosemary & one of greek oregano.

On the upside, at least the front of the house looks nice.  There are purple petunias, yellow begonias and an orange gerber in addition to the peonies, lavender and pink columbine.

I hope those of you who garden managed to get some of your season started this long weekend, because I certainly did not get nearly as much done as I'd hoped!

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