Sunday, June 2, 2013

Busy Like a Bee

Like many others, I am in the "What the deuce? How is it already June?!" party.  This had left me feeling pretty behind in all the things that I'm hoping to accomplish before winter decides to show its face again.  I think I might be overcompensating a little bit though.

Yesterday, after everyone was up & fed, here's what got accomplished:
  • went to the library to return books, pay overdue fees and pick-up holds
  • went to partner's bank
  • went to my bank
  • went to the farmer's market and bought some plants (wooo! heirloom tomatoes, peppers, beans and radishes!) and fancy local honey
  • stopped at the fancy coffee shop and got an Iced Nutella Latte
  • stopped at the corner store on the way home that also sells plants and bought a bunch of herbs and a cayenne pepper to plant
  • had lunch with the inlaws
  • took the baby on a playdate to the park
  • got rained out at the park, so took the babies to the gelato place and ate delicious tiramisu flavoured gelato (in hindsight, the super-sugar & caffeinated gelato might not have been the best choice of flavours to share with the one-year-old)
  • filled the raised planter box and pots with soil and planted all the greenery I bought in the morning
  • washed the baby's laundry
  • washed my laundry
  • watched Mirror, Mirror (it wasn't bad)
  • and all of this was in addition to the usual stuff one does on a non-work day, like make & eat lunch & dinner, use the bathroom, check your email, etc.
No wonder I felt tired today!  I think I might need to cut it back a bit, or I'm going to wear myself out before July.
Although when I think of everything that's still on the list, like painting the kitchen, planting strawberries, finishing up some knitting projects . . . how long do I have until winter again?


  1. Oh you are going to sleep well tonight!! Good for you getting all that done! You also blogged and commented on blogs! You are the coolest! :)

    Also, I LOVE fancy local honey. I get some at the Barrie Farmer's Market and eat it with a spoon. So good!!

  2. I got blueberry honey and it is really, really good. I was also very good in that I resisted the temptation to buy all the cheese at the booth across from her (local goat & sheep cheeses! Yum!)