Sunday, September 1, 2013

Baby Vs. Toddler

Friends of ours recently had a baby of their own (Eeee! Squishy new little baby!).
This has led me to do some reflecting on the differences between new little squishy babes and older babes/toddlers.  Some things are definitely easier, and others are definitely harder.

Some examples:
New babies eat approximately every two to three hours, around the clock
One year old babies are capable of sleeping through the night with minimal wakings

New babies are pretty easy to feed - boob or bottle and done.  Admittedly, it is every two to three hours, and there can be spit up, but that's generally easily wiped up.
Older babies need actual food - not that much of it ends up in their mouths.  However, you do get to see what different foods look like on your floor, mushed into the table, and smeared through another person's hair.

Most new babies are able to fall asleep pretty much anywhere.
Older babies are too aware of the world to just fall asleep at the drop of the hat.  There's generally a bit of a fight, or a lot of fussing until they pass out if they don't believe that it is bed time.

New babies mostly communicate through crying.
Older babies can actually communicate in simple terms.  You can teach them sign language, they can say simple words, and if all else fails, point and grunt.

New babies only cry if they have a genuine need, like hunger, being tired, or being in need of a fresh diaper.
Older babies cry for a variety of reasons, including wanting to wear two different pair of shoes at the same time, having a broken cracker and a wide variety of other items that only make sense if you are younger than four years old.

The lovely 'new baby' smell.
Freshly bathed older babies smell just fine.  Other times . . . they can definitely be a new kind of stinky.

New babies can't control their little bodies.  There is a lot of adorable flailing.
Older babies can control their bodies for the most part.  This means that things in your home will get messier, and possibly broken.

New babies can't control their little bodies.  This means they sometimes startle or hit themselves with their flailing - most often in the middle of the night.
Older babies can control their bodies for the most part.  They love to use their bodies to be helpful!  Wiping things with a cloth, carrying things for you, or even sweeping with a small broom are *fun* for them.

New babies can't move around on their own.  You can put them down on a blanket, take a moment to use the washroom and have them still be in the same place when you return.
Older babies definitely move.  Once they start rolling, it is all over.  When they start walking? Well, you won't be able to pee in peace for a long time.

In short, babies are wonderful and frustrating, no matter their age.


  1. Keep up the good work, buddy! :)

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    1. Thank you for your kind words - unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them, and can't recover your comment. My apologies!